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At Creative Builders & Properties we have professional plasterers on our staff that can artfully plaster a wall from the lathe to a blemish free surface. Or if skim coating is what you need that too will be done to create a ripple free surface. You can feel safe shining a light on our finished work. Our team is masterful with seams and corners. Much of our plastering work is done after clearing out walls and ceilings damaged by damp. However, our plasterers will work independently on your refurbishment projects. Even if you plan to replace old cracked plaster or busted up sheetrock with new materials, a coat or two of plaster to finish it off smoothly is ideal.

Creative Builders & Properties continues to promote the skill of plastering among tradesmen so we always have individual skilled tradesmen for the work. In Greater Manchester, a plastering service is often required for older buildings. There are many old buildings that need, or will need, refurbishing with plaster. Some people prefer plaster walls even in new builds for several reasons. Plaster interiors give the whole building a substantial look. It is also a good sound insulator. As with most wall materials, the walls need insulation to keep down energy bills. The plaster itself is fire resistant; to what degree depends on the thickness of the plaster and what backing materials are used. Put a hole in a plaster wall and our plasterers will repair it with such skill, you will never suspect a patch.

Creative Builders & Properties is a fixture in the area for damp proofing, waterproofing basements, dry and wet rot remediation and plastering service in Greater Manchester. Contact when you need plaster work done. Those cracks in the plaster ceilings and walls that spider out as a house settles will disappear under our skilled workmanship. We guarantee our work to your satisfaction so you take no risk contracting our team. Visit a jobsite to get a first-hand sight of how beautiful your walls could be.